Zacharias S. Falkenberg

Composer, Conductor, Musician

Grammy award winner Jules Buckley and Boy Edgar Price winner Martin Fondse about Falkenberg:

„Zacharias shows within young age that he is a curious composer and arranger that thinks outside the box. He also reveals a strong sense for different musical styles through a repertoire where composed music is easily integrated with improvised music. (…) [We are] positively surprised by the distinct and genuine structure of [Zacharias’] compositions. In his work for bigger ensembles he plays with surprising combinations of instruments and his works show undeniable expertise without being too academically. Besides the high level of craftsmanship Zacharias also exposes a broad and very formative conceptual range of sounds.“

Zacharias S. Falkenberg- born in Beijing, China and growing up in Cologne, Hamburg and Hong Kong- is a composer, conductor and musician currently residing in Berlin.
His compositions are played amongst others by "Matangi", "Jong Metropole", "The Chronometer's Orchestra", "Metropole Academy", "Het Gelders Orkest", "Orkest de Ereprijs", music theatre compositions and arrangements for director Sjaron Milain and director Marlyn Coetsier and for "Het Akkordeon Stichting". In 2014 his composition "Spielerei für Blech und Schlagwerk" won the composition prize "International Brass Festival Enschede".
He got invited to the international Young Composers Meeting and Metropole Academy and in July 2016 Falkenberg got rewarded with the prestigious Rogier van Otterloo Award. An award for his work as composer, conductor and ensemble leader.

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