Zacharias S. Falkenberg

Composer, Conductor, Musician

"Zacharias shows within young age that he is a curious composer and arranger that thinks outside the box. He also reveals a strong sense for different musical styles through a repertoire where composed music easily is integrated with improvised music.
(...) [We are] positively suprised by the distinct and genuine structure of [Zacharias'] compositions. In his works for bigger ensembles he plays with surprising combinations of instruments and his works show undeniable expertise without being too academically. Besides the high level of craftsmanship Zacharias also exposes a broad and very formative conceptual range of sounds."
- Jules Buckley & Martin Fondse (2016)

(...) is special through its concept, exciting through the combination of different styles that seamlessly merge together, which may be mentioned as a compliment for the composer, who passes glamorously in a field where a lot of predecessors hopelessly got lost.
– Tom Beetz (2017) on about The Chronometer's Orchestra.

"[Zacharias] is an adventurous composer, always pushing the limits in his composing, with great scoring for strings, horns and rhythmsection and sophisticatedly using instruments as well as the band members."
- Michiel Braam (2015)