Zacharias S. Falkenberg

Composer, Conductor, Musician

Solo Violin No.1 got nominated for the Tera de Marez Oyens Award
All nominated compositions will be played at the Gaudeamus Festival 2018:
Tivoli Vredenburg Utrecht, September 7th 2018, 12:30 PM

Open Mic rehearsal with Ensemble Adapter
Rehearsing an unfinished composition from scratch!


30th December 2017: "Metamorphosis 3" will be aired at Stingray/DJAZZ. Watch the complete Jong Metropole concert at Radio Kootwijk there. Here a little snippet of "Metamorphosis 3" a commissioned work for the Jong Metropole Orchestra.

11.8.2017 8 PM Radio Kootwijk, Apeldoorn
12.8.2017 8:30 PM Openair Theater Caprera, Bloemendaal
13.8.2017 3:30 PM Grachten Festival, Amsterdam

Metamorphosis 3 will be premiered by the Jong Metropole orchestra conducted by Christian Elsässer. The Jong Metropole Orchestra is a unique combination of the NJO (National Youth Orchestra) and the NJJO (National Youth Jazz Orchestra). Metamorphosis 3 is a commissioned work given by the Jong Metropole. Video coming soon!


Solo Violin No.1 by Zacharias S. Falkenberg performed by Kees Hilhorst. This composition investigates the possibilities of glissandos, tremolos, open strings and harmonics- typical characteristics and extended techniques of a violin.

Video of recording session of String Quartet No.5- 4 Phases played by Matangi!
String Quartet No 5.1 -4 Phases (played by Matangi is a composition by Zacharias S. Falkenberg With this piece Falkenberg researched on how music can be non-hierarchical. Out of this research Falkenberg developed for this composition an own style of serialism. The aim was to write a piece where every muscial parameter is equally significant. Its result is static but yet very coloful and extremely open!

30.6.2017 COOMING SOON
Recording of Violin Solo No.1 by Zacharias S. Falkenberg


You can now officially buy The Chronometer's Orchestra's album digital and physical at Please support this unique ensemble!


Impressions from The Chronometer's Orchestra's release concert. Be part of the band, whip out your instrument and join our jam in Metamorphosis 2.1.

3.5.2017 8 PM Theater Het Hof, Arnhem

It’s official: The Chronometer's Orchestra's album release concert at Theater Het Hof in Arnhem. If you want to find out if there is going to be a special offer you should definitely come and see.


Check out Superimposition with The Chronometer's Orchestra recorded at Fattoria Musica during TCO album recordings.

14.10.2016 8 PM at Studio 1 of the Muziekcentrum van de omroep in Hilversum
The new composition Gygy Lili Variations will be performed by The Metropole Academy during their Another MOA-ment concert. Gygy Lili, an original composition by Henrik Schwarz was an composition assignment for all composer and arrangers that got invited to the Metropole Academy. Composers and arrangers were free to do whatever they want with this composition. 3 pieces from all participants have been selected to be played during the concert, played along with compositions by Quincy Jones and the program by the Metropole Orchestra.

15.10.2016 6 PM Foyer Pandora at Tivoli|Vredenburg, Utrecht
Fragmentarische Isolation will be played at the Dutch Harp Festival at the Tivoli|Vredenburg in Utrecht by Annemieke Breunesse.

Zacharias S. Falkenberg got awarded with the prestigious Rogier van Otterloo Award. This award is meant for composers, conductors & bandleaders (up to 35 years old) living in the Netherlands and who work between the field of classical music and Jazz & Pop. The award includes prize money, a commissioned composition for the Jong Metropole orchestra and putting a programme for this orchestra together in coorporation with the artistic team and a one year consult opportunity given by the Metropole Orkest Management. The Award will be supervised and led by the chief conductor of the Metropole Orkest Jules Buckley and the artistic leaders of the NJO and NJJO, who are also creative talents in this world.

The award ceremony will be on 7th of August 2016 19:30 at the old radiostation Radio Kootwijk together with a concert of the Jong Metropole orchestra. Click here for the press report (NL).

Fragmentarische Isolation a solo harp piece played by Suzanne Zijderveld.

29.5.2016 The Chronometer's Orchestra live at Coehoorn Arnhem. Start 20:00.
This happened last show:

22.5.2016 The new composition "Embryonic Isolation" will be performed by orkest de ereprijs. It is a miniature concerto for Bass Clarinet. Concert begins at 16:00 o'clock at the Luxor Arnhem.
Here is the recording of "Embryonic Isolation" played by orkest de ereprijs.

13.5.2016 The new composition "Fragmentarische Isolation" for harp will be preformed at the Reulandzaal ArtEZ Zwolle at 16:00 by Suzanne Zijderveld
Recording coming very soon! Stay tuned.

18.3.2016 The Chronometer's Orchestra live at De Lommerd Arnhem. Start 20:00.

Zacharias got selected for the international Young Composers Meeting. The YCM is an international competition for composers around the world. Each year there are over 100 applications and only 16 young composers are invited. Each invited participant must write a 3 min. composition for orkest de ereprijs. During a one week course full of masterclasses and lessons from senior composers all 3 min. compositions will be rehearsed and presented at a concert on 19.2.2016 at Podium Gigant in Apeldoorn. Beginning 19:00.

Zacharias S. Falkenberg composition "101" for the YCM 2016: coming soon!

String Quartet No.3 performed by the amazing string quartet Matangi.

The Chronometer's Orchestra is an ensemble founded by composer Zacharias S. Falkenberg and saxophone player Nicolai Fedder. The aim is to create a type of orchestra with a modern and contemporary approach to new music. Each members are professional musicians with nationalities from the Netherlands, Germany, USA and Hong Kong. The music, in a humoresque and aggressive way, tells tales that gravitation exists between classical music, free music and jazz music and it's gravitational bond will lead them into a full collapse, leaving behind a singular, very own experimental style. READ MORE